Q1 2021


Hi everyone, this is Emilie queen of culture at Wild Audience and I am delighted to be back! 👸🏻


Welcome to our Transparency Report series. I have so much to tell you since our last catch up (2020 wrap up). 2021 started slowly but now things are moving pretty fast. As always, I have been checking in with every team member to gather all the numbers and insights and hopefully, you will see some of them in loom videos at some point in the report.


All our past reports can be accessed on our Transparency page: here


Here is a little overview of how we spent our time during this first quarter:



The sprint projects included a lot of different projects such as:


  • Wildmetrics

  • Relationship Funnel

  • Content Creation (Youtube & Podcast)

  • Growth Plan

  • Partnership Program and Partner Campaigns

  • 2020 Q4 Transparency Report


Anyhoo before we dive into this in more detail, I’d like to have a little chat with you about culture and share a few pictures of what we have been up to when we were not working. It is important to show you who we are outside Wild Audience, and that we are real humans behind our screens.


Bastian was in Portugal then moved to Fuerteventura for a couple of months where he spent a lot of time surfing and enjoying the sunshine. Pancho has been enjoying the snow in Germany and spending time with his family (big news later in the report) while Benji surfed a different type of waves in Barcelona. Leo who has recently moved to the seaside has started surfing too which is awesome! On my side, I have been enjoying the little things, surfing and living a slow life in my little fishing town in the North East of England.



Mental health and physical health go hand in hand and it is something we value a lot at Wild Audience. We have created an environment that encourages everyone to take time for themselves, to rest, to exercise, to go outside, to spend time with their family and simply do what they love. We all have different realities, and it is important for us to understand, support and encourage one another whatever the situation or the needs that we have. We really benefit from it on a personal and professional level and it simply makes us happy. This is something we are very proud of but we are aware of the privilege that it is.


More thoughts and pictures are to come at the end of this report but for now, the culture chat is over so let’s get started.


We really enjoy taking you along the journey of growing our new software products (Wild Mail & Wildmetrics) from €10,000 MRR to €50,000 MRR via this Transparency Report and we hope you still love reading it.


Just in case you’re new to Wild Audience, here’s what we do in one sentence: At Wild Audience we help companies build authentic relationships with marketing automation to grow their business.


We do that through our suite of products:

  • Wildmetrics [API-based marketing analytics for funnels & ads]

  • Wild Mail [ActiveCampaign with two awesome benefits]

  • Relationship Funnel [a step-by-step online course to build a Relationship Funnel]

Let’s do this!

Transparency Report:

  • Revenue

  • Customer Success

  • Product

  • Marketing

  • Culture

  • Founder Talk

  • Coming in Q2 2021


Revenue summary for Q1:

  • We added €42k in total ARR (that includes all our products: WMX, WM and RF).

  • We added 3.491€ in total MRR (that includes all our products as well):

    • MRR for WMX: 300€ (3600€ ARR)

  • In total, we added 26 customers paying recurring revenue.

  • Our Net MRR churn was -1.7% for Wild Mail & Wildmetrics combined which means we are back to normal compared to last quarter.

  • Our MRR growth rate quarter over quarter was 16% (the average of 2020 was 19%).


Let’s have a quick look at the numbers per month:



January and March were a bit slow but February was a good month and definitely our best so far! If you remember our last report, I told you that we had hit a plateau so it feels good to know that we are moving again and in the right direction!

Customer Success

Ok, let’s focus a little bit on you guys because you are my (our) priority! 🤩


During Q1, we had a total of 962 conversations with 456 customers which is a bit less than in Q4 2020. When it comes to Success we look at two things:

  • First Time Response (aka how long it takes us to reply to and solve the initial ticket with a quality response).



Our First Time Response was 2h56. It is slightly better than Q4 2020 but we would like it to be under 2h. This number is mainly affected by holidays so it is always a little higher around the time I am off or during bank holidays and company holidays.


We will keep working on this 🙂


2. Happiness Score



We are pretty happy with our happiness score, it is nice to start the year on such a note!


I really want to thank you all for the ratings and comments like this one:



or this one:



Benji and I work really hard to make sure we provide you with the best support possible so that means a lot to us and it is very encouraging so again thank you! We are grateful to you all! 🙂


I am also excited to take it to the next level in Q2 so be ready to see my face and hear my french accent a lot more from now on. 🙃 I have already started jumping on success calls and I will focus even more of my time on you in the coming months. That means, checking in with you all on a regular basis to build stronger relationships and make sure you’re happy with our products and simply us in general.




In Q1 we started to work in cycles. Each cycle is 6 weeks long which means we do two cycles per quarter. In total, we shipped 4 projects:

  • Email Report (Cycle #1)

  • Automation Report (Cycle #1)

  • Design v1.0 (Cycle #2)

  • Funnel feature v1.0 (Cycle #2)



Here is a little overview of how the time is spent on WMX per team member:



Here you have a top 10 of the tasks that took the most effort (measured via time) to complete:



You can see that the first 7 tasks of the list above are all related to building our latest Funnel feature for Wildmetrics. We did it and we are very proud of what we accomplished!



What happened in Q1:

  • We marked 116 tasks completed in Asana.

  • We invested 548 hours into WMX with 2 full-time developers (Leo & Pancho) which means:

    • 183h per month

    • 91h per developer per month

  • We are currently at 78,250 lines of code (wow!)

  • We did a total of 25 user research calls.




In January, we had to make some technical decisions as WMX was too slow. In February, it was ALL about design and services. In March, there was nothing tangible for the user but we made a lot of progress and shipped a lot in staging.


All in all, we are pleased that we were able to ship the foundation (of the foundation) for Wildmetrics.


2021 will be all about building the core functionality of Wildmetrics (Q1 was all about creating the base foundation for this).


And fun fact: We onboarded our first paying customers for WMX (happy dance!) 🥳

Relationship Funnel:

In Q1, we worked on building our new platform called Relationship Funnel (RF). We wanted to build a new platform from scratch using WordPress to make it simpler and more in line with us and our branding but also to gather all our courses and resources in one place.


We also wanted to go back to our roots, to where it all started for us at Wild Audience and that was with Relationship Funnel.


Here is a sneak peek:



We have created a brand new RF course (step-by-step video course on how to implement a relationship funnel in your business) and also added 15 bonuses (workshops on ads, video production, MRR forecasting, lead generation and more as well as a template library and a copywriting course).

We have stopped our monthly subscription (Automation University) and onboarded all our current customers. Our Wild Mail customers have free access to it and are available to purchase on the side with a one-time payment.


The projects we worked on:

  • Q1 Growth Plan (Cycle 1)

  • WA Partners and WMX Outreach (Cycle 1 / Cycle 2)

  • Partner Campaigns (Cycle 1 / Cycle 2)

  • English & Spanish website Update (Cycle 2)


Traffic and Relationship Funnel Data:


insights coming from Wildmetrics

insights coming from Simple Analytics


As you can see, our numbers for Q1 are pretty similar to our last quarter in terms of conversion rates. However, the amount of website visitors increased a lot due to our partnership program and collaborations. The same happened for leads and trials but we actually got fewer new customers than in Q4 2020. That can be explained by the fact that while our recent partner collaborations gave us a lot of visibility, the campaigns and/or online courses which we created with them will only be launched in Q2 and Q3 2021.


One step at a time 🙂




Bastian published 4 new videos, you can check them out here.



Some numbers:

  • Views: 24045

  • New Subscribers: 137

  • New videos uploaded: 4

  • Average View Duration: 2,59 Min (Around 3)

  • Website visitors coming from YouTube: 494


We got a lot more visitors, and subscribers and increased the average view duration during the whole quarter, especially in March. We can see that the YouTube videos we created with our partners in their YT Channels paid off.


Partner campaigns we worked on:




You can find the course on this page.





The course we created together will be launched later in the year but you can visit their website on this page.


What’s next?


The growth team (Benji and Bastian) will focus on the following channels:

  • Partnership Campaigns

  • Partner Prospecting

  • YouTube

  • Podcast


They will focus on 3 different tasks:

  • Contacting new partner and customer opportunities for Wild Audience and Wildmetrics using outreach (recording custom loom videos and reaching out to them personally).

  • Creating new content all-around educational training.

  • Collaborating with new and current partners to create value for you and their audiences.


At the same time, we will stop all PPC campaigns (to be able to focus on our partners) and I will also start a new Success initiative to join forces with the growth team to work on a specific project focused on our current customers.


The goals are:

  • Add €4K in total MRR:

    • €3K coming from WM.

    • €1K coming from WMX.

  • We want to achieve the following milestones and goals:

    • Hit €28K in total MRR.

    • Run at least 6 partner campaigns.

    • Create 12 new pieces of content for our YouTube channel and Podcast.


As the queen of culture, I am always trying to make sure that everyone is happy, and I am not only talking about work here but life in general. I also want to make sure that each team member is content with their job, with themself and within the team too.


In order to do this, I have a 1:1 with all team members every month. During this call, we catch up on life, work projects and feelings. We basically talk about anything that we want and usually get personal quickly. These 1:1s are a safe space where they can share anything they want and I will listen.


I also do a monthly culture reflection call with Bastian where we go over team spirit, the dynamic, what went well or didn’t go well, feelings of everyone and ourselves. We touch base on the team, and the culture of the team and reflect on what we can do and what I can do to be better as a queen of culture.


I have also put in place a monthly challenge for us to have fun while working and bond over a shared activity. It usually lasts 1 to 2 weeks and can be about sports, reading, cooking, movement, meditation, etc.


So far we have done an exercising/moving challenge (measured by time) which by the way I won 😌 and a meditation challenge where we all had to meditate at least once a day for two weeks. They are really fun to do and bring us so much. I can’t wait for the next one!




It’s really fun to create a culture and develop it with the team and I am very excited to see where it leads us.

Founder Talk

More pictures about the team and our new member. Everyone meet Eliah, our first Wild Audience baby. He loves working on WMX with his dad or should I say he loves sleeping while his dad works on WMX 😍



Coming in Q2 2021

Here is an overview of what’s gonna happen in Q2 for WMX:



  • Benji will be working on growth with partner campaigns, sales calls, and with the goal to get 1k MRR for WMX only.

  • Bastian will join forces with Benji to get 1k MRR for WMX while working with the product team on WMX.

  • I will be working on this report while taking care of Wild Audience, the team and you guys! I will start focusing more and more on Success.


That’s a wrap! I hope you liked it and I’ll see you in our next report 😌


I’d love to hear from you so if you have any feedback or if there is anything you’d like to see in your next report feel free to email me at [email protected].

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